E861: #StartupTuneup Urban-X: apartment grades, urban outdoor spaces, connected tolls, bike helmets

It’s time for another #StartupTuneup episode of This Week in Startups!

Join us to hear pitches from four startups out of the Urban-X accelerator. Jason provides feedback on an apartment building grading system, outdoor workspaces, a new method of taxing drivers to pay for roads, and a collapsible bike helmet.

Don’t miss Jason’s advice on building the perfect deck, answering investors’ questions before they have a chance to ask, using a startup as a force for positive change in the world, and much more!

Fave Moments 🔥:

9:40 – Pushing back on challenging investors

16:41 – Rapid expansion into numerous cities

23:08 – The perfect deck

34:03 – Clarifying unfamiliar concepts

42:53 – Entrepreneurs changing the world