The Future of Real Estate

SharkStreet Radio focuses on the key challenges that the Real Estate Industry is facing today and how advancements in technology can help to resolve them. Bill Staniford, host and former CEO of PropertyShark, invites established industry leaders, startups and academics to get their perspectives on the best and the worst facets of the NYC Real Estate Industry. Stay tuned as Bill releases his monthly Top 10 ‘Must Haves’ of Real Estate Technology. Ranked from: able to implement immediately, to rising stars to watch!

Bill is a born and raised New Yorker, former United States Marine Corps Cryptologist and a serial entrepreneur. During his time as CEO, PropertyShark was named one of the 50 best websites in the world by Time, Inc. Bill has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business News multiple times commenting on NYC real estate and National Security. Bill is currently serving as CEO after founding SharkStreet, a NYC based RETech advisory and consultancy firm.