These Are the Best Landlords in Brooklyn

When apartment hunting in New York City, you want to make sure your new building has one of the best landlords around.

Each year, New York City’s Public Advocate releases a list of the worst landlords in the five boroughs, a ranking of those who leave their tenants to live in dangerous or despicable conditions. It’s a great resource for landlords to avoid, but what if you’re looking for suggestions?

Rentlogic, a real estate startup that grades apartment buildings based violations of the New York City building codes, has released a list of the best landlords in Brooklyn.

You can look up any building on the Rentlogic site and see its grade rating, but to make things a bit easier, the site has highlighted the Brooklyn landlords with the most “A” grades across the greatest number of buildings.

"Rentlogic grades 1.1 million apartment buildings in New York City based on physical inspections and objective health and safety standards. We use an algorithm to fairly and consistently rate all buildings as A, B, C or F,” said Yale Fox, founder and CEO of Rentlogic, in an email. “There are so many tools out there that can make building owners look bad, and so we wanted to provide ones that can make good property operators look good for a change."

Rentlogic’s grades are based on the building’s history of violations over the past four years, with a particular emphasis, the site says, on the types of violations “that directly impact residents’ quality of life.”

This is the second such list Rentlogic has put out; the site listed the 12 top Manhattan landlords back in December. For more information on the top Brooklyn landlords, real estate news site Brick Underground has profiles of each one that appears on the Rentlogic list below.

Rentlogic’s Best Landlords in Brooklyn

  1. Berman Realty
  2. iBEC Living
  3. Rabsky Group
  4. Zuzu Property Management
  5. Arnold Rosenshein
  6. Two Trees
  7. Jonathan Holman
  8. Kotsonis Management
  9. Isidore Miller
  10. Chryseda Associates
  11. Stacey Athanail
  12. Heritage Equity Partners (tie)
    12.  Forest City (tie)
  13. Red Apple Group (tie)