New Yorkers want apartments graded like restaurants

Rentlogic and Action Button

New Yorkers have become accustomed to seeing a letter-grade posted on restaurants, informing them of safety and sanitary conditions following a Health Department inspection. Rentlogic, a company founded in 2013, is looking to bring this level of clarity to the dreaded NYC tradition of the apartment hunt. For years, renters and apartment hunters have had to deal with a lack of clarity when it comes to apartment buildings. Questions of past and ongoing safety and health violations have traditionally been difficult to decipher.

Rentlogic is working to provide a solution to this, empowering individuals to make the right decision before they sign a lease. While Rentlogic’s success has been immediate, Action Button partnered with the startup to get a sense of how New Yorker’s felt about the concept.

We asked New Yorkers whether they believed apartment buildings be graded (A,B, C or F) for health and safety, similar to restaurants and if they recognized the Rentlogic brand.

Rentlogic’s actions were featured in both ad-units and Action Button’s signature placements in contextually-relevant articles, unlocking the ability to activate content across many of the internet’s top publications. As Rentlogic’s success has shown, the response was a resounding ‘Yes’. Over 85.5% of respondents agreed that the restaurant grading system should be used for apartment buildings as well, and 1 in 4 New Yorkers had heard of Rentlogic.

With the actions featured across websites like Refinery29, BuzzFeed and the Washington Post, Rentlogic and Action Button were able to reach a diverse audience to conduct market research, measure brand recognition, and raise awareness for one of the key issues plaguing tenants in cities like New York City.