The Brick Underground Podcast: Landlord tips on how to rent in peace in NYC

On this episode of The Brick Underground Podcast, host Nathan Tempey talks to Yale Fox, founder of the rental-building rating website Rentlogic and data partner for Brick’s Best Landlords series, as well as Arik Lifshitz, CEO of the family-founded DSA Property Group, a developer, building owner, and property manager with apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Yale and Arik share tips for renters looking for apartments, asking for repairs, and negotiating lease renewals, and Nathan answers a reader question.

And a slight correction: On the podcast Nathan mentions that landlord Steve Croman is currently incarcerated on Rikers Island. Jail records show that in fact he is being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex, a.k.a. the Tombs. He is scheduled to be released in early June.